February 2018 e-Shower update.

The info and links below are now not relevant. We are working on having the e-Shower available here in the states.

Any of our AlkaWay USA customers will be notified as new products arrive, including the e-Shower.

So if you're not a customer, you can put yourself on a list to get "occasional" emails with product announcements > New Product Inquires.

~ AlkaWay USA Team

Previously . . .


You were probably asking about the e-Shower.

It is still only manufactured and sold in Australian.

To ship the e-Shower Diamond Head ONLY to the USA is AUD30.

Unfortunate we here in the USA we can NOT answer any of your questions. We don't sell them here (yet) and just don't know about them.

To find out more about the e-Shower Diamond Head with a choice of optional shower arms

Go here: