If you're on something like Well Water and want to use an UltraStream, then you MUST minimally have a sediment filter otherwise sediment would clog the UltraStream and it would stop working. Note: this clogging of the filter is NOT covered in our warranty. Using our Protector Ultra-D for the UltraStream on Well Water you'll get that done and ALSO take out additional pathogens and heavy metals. 

And really, if you're on Municipal Town Water and really want to know what's in your water and what you should be filtering, take a look at our page Get Your Water Tested also located here: https://www.alkawayusa.com/get-your-water-tested

The BEST thing you can do is to find out what's in your water and consult with us about what to do about it if there's a water quality problem. Again, consider Getting Your Water Tested.