We get emails and calls asking "about the drip." Below should help you understand that the "drip" is showing you that your UltraStream is performing as expected. This was an email response to one of our customers recently.

The reason for this drip is because the UltraStream makes molecular Hydrogen.  Molecular Hydrogen is a gas and this is the waters antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient. Molecular Hydrogen has now undergone over 500 studies showing beneficial health results.

The UltraStream continually makes this gas, molecular Hydrogen, and if it gets trapped in the UltraStream it will break the UltraStream or blow a water tube. The special vented faucet provided with the UltraStream Under-sink Mounting Kit allows the water to be turned off prior to the UltraStream which means the molecular Hydrogen is still able to escape. Without relieving this gas, the Hydrogen in the UltraStream could not escape.

There can be a drip initially due to a lot of Hydrogen being produced plus in certain "water source" cases UltraStream makes more than normal. The drip is not because something is broken, but because as the Hydrogen escapes from the UltraStream it pushes a little water out with it. It's only the water in the UltraStream that is coming out. The drip will just get less and less as time goes on possibly up to a week when it will then be unnoticeable. This is normal.

We do take care to mention this on the top of the box so it can be seen as the box is being opened, mentioned in the manual that comes with the UltraStream and also on the website. We do try to get the message out so our customers don't think they have a leaky faucet or broken UltraStream.