The UltraStream water is going to be incredibly safe for almost every child. The only caution would be anyone with digestive problems, and then we would just caution against drinking too close to mealtime, especially not WITH food (adults as well as children). Any water, but especially water which is more alkaline will dilute gastric acid and reduce its ability to breakdown food, especially protein. Drinking UltraStream water away from food is going to be safe. And …. for a child with digestive problems, most will need zinc and this will generally help a lot. I would include really fussy eaters in the above. Especially those kids for whom the entire diet seems to be white bread, rice, potato etc. are the only things they will gladly eat – then that is almost always a sign of zinc deficiency. You can sip water throughout a meal and if you put in a couple of drops of lemon juice in the water. This will aid digestion. Digestion will improve after drinking the water for a number of months.

Note: 65 million Italians drink alkaline water with every meal.