The UltraStream Replacement Cartridge is $249 with free shipping.

It's designed to last a family of 4 each drinking 2 liters (a little over 2 quarts) of water a complete year.

We also recommend the filter be changed once a year even though the 3000 liter (800 gallon) length of service may have not been reached, like only 2 people using the UltraStream. This gets rid of the bacteria filtered out of the water but still in the filter. It's an industry standard for all filters to be replaced yearly at least.

Each year when we go into production, we make improvements to the UltraStream and the cartridge. When you order your replacement cartridge, you'll receive these improvements. It's like getting a whole new UltraStream. We keep-up with the water conditions in the country and make improvements to the media as necessary to make sure you and your family remain safe from contaminants as much as possible.

The link to the video below explains HOW to change your UltraStream Cartridge, the simplest cartridge change in the industry.

Note: it's important to NOT screw down too tightly the new cartridge. If you do, it may break the base. It only needs to be "snug."

VIDEO - HOW to change your UltraStream Cartridge